Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Everett Mark 2 Months

Everett is growing up WAY too fast! Here is what's been happening for the last month with our little guy:

  • Everett is a super strong baby! He is already a champ at holding his head up for short periods of time, and he is pretty good at using his abs to help him sit up. Lately we've been working on strengthening his legs and teaching him that he can move himself when he pushes on something with his legs. 
  • Everett smiles a ton! He also loves to laugh! He is constantly smiling at everyone around him, which we love!
  • Everett is a champion sleeper. He will sleep for 5 hours a time at night. We sure love that!
  • Our baby has been making even more cute squeaks at us...I can tell he's trying to communicate! 
  • Everett loves to look around. He loves to be carried so he's facing the world. He still loves to stare at lights as well.
  • Everett LOVES to suck on his hand and his thumb. 
  • He is very good at recognizing mom and dad's voices and faces. He always perks up and turns towards us when he hears us!
  • Everett is a hungry boy! He eats about 20 oz of mom's milk a day. We've started to supplement with a couple formula bottles every week just so he is used to the taste.
  • Everett is getting bigger and longer. He weighs about 11lbs and he's grown about an inch.
  • He continues to respond to music. He always quiets down when mom or dad is singing to him. He also likes to listen to music on pandora. We also like to move his arms and legs to music to show him it's fun to dance!
  • Everett has learned how to give kisses! He coos at us, and opens his mouth and shakes his head back and forth on our cheeks. It makes our heart melt!
  • Our boy has out grown a lot of his newborn size clothes, and we are on to 3 month size! The 3 month size are still a little big for him, but they work! It makes me sad to pack away all his tiny outfits!
  • Everett really loves bath time now! He kicks his legs and loves to splash!
  • Everett is getting better at tummy time! He likes it for about 5-7 minutes before he gets cranky...which is a big improvement from month one! 
  • Everett loves soft toys. His favorite toy is a super soft dinosaur stuffed animal. He loves to have it rubbed on his face.
  • Everett's nicknames at 2 months are: Bubba, Bub, and Ev Bub. Whenever he is wearing his bear outfit, we call him our baby bear or our bear cub. 

Everett and Aunt Heather having play time

Cute tummy time noises

giving kisses to mommy

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