Thursday, February 6, 2014

Everett 3 Months

Everett is 3 months old now, and we can't believe it! Here are his updates:

  • Everett loves looking at himself in the mirror! He always laughs at his reflection and he loves to wiggle his body and watch it move.
  • Everett loves to kick his feet in water. We fill up our sink with warm water and sit him on the counter, and just let him kick away! He's a very strong kicker!
  • Everett is now a champion sleeper. He pretty much sleeps through the night (most of the time). Mommy and Daddy sure love that!
  • Our boy loves to snuggle. He instantly relaxes in anyone's arms. He also loves to be rocked to sleep.
  • Everett got his first round of shots and he did NOT like them! His face turned bright red, and mommy might have giggled a little bit.
  • Everett got his first real sickness. He caught a little cold from it's been a coughing party at our house.
  • He is starting to figure out how to use his hands and feet. He will stare at them forever, trying to figure out how to move them.
  • Even though he's been sick, Everett is a smiley boy! He loves to smile and laugh all the time! Everett is always happy!
  • He is a champ when it comes to tummy time! He practically holds his head up the entire time!
  • Everett loves to kick his blankets off his legs. It's pretty fun to watch that determined face. What a smarty pants!
  • Everett loves kisses! He also loves to give them! He especially loves when you kiss his hands.
  • He has officially grown out of all his newborn clothes and even some of his 3 month clothes! He's getting chunky!
  • Our bubba is also quite the talker. He will coo and giggle at us for a really long time! He also responds to us talking to him!
  • Everett still has momma's big, blue eyes
Everett's official stats:
weight: 13 lbs 5oz 48th percentile 
height: 25 inches 88th percentile 
head circumference: 41 cm 88th percentile

At the doctor's office

Bubba after bath time

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