Saturday, March 8, 2014

Everett 4 Months

Our Ham is 4 months old now! He is seriously getting way too big, way too fast. 

  • Everett loves to lay down on his back and stick his right let up in the air. It's very relaxing to him and very funny to his parents.
  • Everett can hold his bottle up all by himself! He drops it when he tries to move around and look at us, but's still amazing!
  • He loves to "fly". We lift him above our head and lower him slowly towards our face. Everett laughs and laughs! He could do that all day!
  • We discovered today that Everett loves dogs. He was laughing very hard at Aubrey and Brent's dog Izzy. He loved chasing the dog around and trying to sit on him (with the help of his mom).
  • Everett is as smiley as ever! He is always smiling, laughing and talking to us. We just melt inside!
  • He is a champ at holding his head up, sitting up with a little help, and splash-splashing in the bath!
  • Everett loves to hang upside-down. He will kick until we let him hang over the couch a little bit. He giggles and loves it!
  • He loves listening to music and loves listening to Kyle and I sing. We have a feeling he will be very musical.
  • Everett is VERY ticklish. He laughs so hard when we kiss his neck, tummy, or sides. 
  • He is the blow-out king. When he poops...HE POOPS! (see picture below)
  • Everett loves to feel around. He especially loves to grab and feel our faces. 
  • Instead of a pacifier, Everett prefers chewing on his first two fingers, and/or his chew rings.
  • Everett loves to sit with both his arms behind his head. He literally will lay there smiling at us, hanging out with his arms behind his head.
  • Everett loves to stick his little toes through the holes in his crocheted blanket. It's so cute to see his little piggies through the blanket.
  • Everett LOVES playing with toys. His favorite is his stuffed animal dragon, Mr. Diney. We named him that because we thought he was a dinosaur, but we decided he looks like a dragon haha.
His stats as of 4 months:

Head Circumference: 42 ¾ cm     59 percentile
Length: 26 ¼ in    87 percentile
Weight: 15 lb 5 oz     54 percentile

Everett will fall asleep sitting up sometimes

one of his massive blowouts-look at that face

Don't let this picture fool you, Everett really hates the Bumbo
Legs in the air like we just don't care!

Everett and Izzy

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