Saturday, March 8, 2014


I know I haven't written in WEEKS, but our life has been literally insane! Here is what we've been up to!

We moved into our town home! We have had so many things going on with our home, we have barely had time to settle in. They have been updating appliances, fixing things, and replacing our front and back door. 

Kyle started his new job with Apple. He gets to work from home, which is awesome! I just finished my training in the lab, so I'm excited to FINALLY be starting my 7 on/7 off schedule. I don't know how everyone else works 5 days a week and then only has 2 days off...I've been doing that for 6 weeks now...and I HAVE NO TIME!

We got to take a break moving to celebrate Valentine's day! We got glammed up and headed out to dinner, where we ran into Brent and Aubrey Stock. We actually ended up eating right by them, which was hilarious! 

Everett is growing like a weed! He is so big now, and we get to roll around and be silly with him a lot more than we could when he was a fragile newborn. He continues to smile and love life.

I'm currently spending a lot of time vamping up my etsy shop and starting my lifestyle blog. It's a lot of hard work, but so fun! I love being able to express and share my creativity with everyone!

We are basically working all the time, and cuddling with our bubba. We are slowly decorating our home, so once it's done, I'll do a blog post reveal! I'm excited for the plans we have for the place!

Everett loves to chew on his fingers haha

Creepy stocker picture we took of the Stocks. I told you they sat close to us!

I came in from a long day at work to this in our bathroom. How adorable is that!!!! Also, I LOVE the necklace  Kyle got me. It says K<3l td="">

Testing out the new carpet in the town home

Everett sitting up at the table. So cute, and he loved every minute of it!

Cousin Myka and Everett at Courtney and Grammy's birthday dinner


Everett was totally pulling Kyle's hair haha

I sent this picture to my brother serving his mission in Brazil. Everett's tag says "future missionary"

Cheering on the Cats!

Sometimes I'm not wearing scrubs!

wrapped up nice and tight

Everett helping mommy with her makeup!

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