Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Everett 6 Months!

Everett is such a chunky baby now! We sure love him! Here's what he's been doing this past month:

  • Everett rolls all over the floor now! He loves to sit on his blanket with some toys and just explore the living room. We really need to get a pack n play so he doesn't get into too much trouble.
  • Everett is really good about propping himself up while sitting! He can't sit up by himself yet, but he's almost there!
  • He loves to make farting noises with his mouth, which is so funny! 
  • Everett wakes up every night for about 20 minutes for a short playtime. He rolls around his crib and has a ball...then puts himself right back to sleep haha!
  • Everett loves to sleep on his stomach now. At first I was really nervous about this, but our pediatrician assured us that this is normal. He sure looks cute with him bum sticking in the air!
  • We've started Everett on a little bit of solid food! He has tried peas, carrots, sweet potatoes and bananas. He really likes sweet potatoes and bananas, but not the peas and carrots. We're working on it ha!
  • Everett still loves playing with technology vs his own toys. He is always lunging for the remote control, our iPhones, and the iPad. 
  • Everett is sleeping through the night (minus his 20 minute play time)! We LOVE it!!!
  • He is still a smiley baby! He smiles at everyone, and he loves to smile at him mom and dad the most! 
  • He really responds to music. He loves to hear us sing and listen to the primary music. 
Here are Everett's stats at 6 months:

weight: 17lbs 14 oz  (57th percentile)
length: 71 cm/28 inches (92nd percentile) 
head circumference: 44.5 cm/ 17.5 in

We have a tall, chunky baby and we love watching our little Ev bub grow!! 

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