Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Life Lately

Life for us lately has been very busy.
We have been working hard at our jobs and when we're not working we are cuddling with Everett and watching him grow up! 
We have gotten to spend a lot of time with family and we've had fun meeting new people in our ward and neighborhood. 
In my free time I've been having a lot of fun writing in my fashion and beauty blog and running my etsy shop, and of course Everett is a huge help! 

We are loving our new home in Texas. We've had some beautiful rain and lightning storms as well as a couple nights of tornados! It's starting to warm up so we are getting excited to take Everett in the pool! 

The other day Kyle and I got to go to in indoor shooting range. I bought a groupon for Kyle on his birthday to go shoot a bunch of guns at this range. We went and tried out a pistol (first time for the both of us) and an AR15. I was SO NERVOUS because I really don't know much about guns, but by the end I had a ton of fun! Once you get used to the kick and the sound of a gun, it's not as scary anymore. Now that I'm more comfortable around guns, I want to own one, one day! 

Here are some fun pictures of the last couple of months!

Everett loves to eat hair

hang in' and watching a movie

Everett rolls all over the place now!

We love solids!

We got Everett a cute hat in preparation for pool time


I need some practice!

This gun was crazy!!

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