Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Everett 7 Months!

Everett is growing right before our eyes! He is seriously such a fun little boy! Here is what Everett has been up to this last month:

  • He is pretty much crawling! He hasn't quite coordinated moving his legs and arms at the same time, but he can roll and scoot anywhere he wants. And yes, he gets into everything!
  • Everett's favorite toys are any cords (video game controller cords, router cords, fan cords, etc), wii controllers, the TV remote control, our iPhones/ipads, his chew rings, balloons, and his first aid kit bag. 
  • Everett has cut his first tooth! So far he's been a champ at handling the pain! 
  • His favorite game to play with us is "Where's mommy?!" (aka peek-a-boo). Every morning we pull the covers over our head and scream "Where's mommy?! Where's Everett?! Everett also knows how to lift the covers up to find mommy. He's a smarty pants!
  • Everett LOVES the swimming pool! We took him swimming for the first time on Memorial Day and he had a ton of fun floating in his floaty and kicking his feet! He's totally going to be a swimmer like mommy!
  • He is a very curious boy! He is always watching everyone around him and he loves to observe.
  • Everett LOVES animals, especially dogs. We love playing with Izzie and Akita and we've taken a fun trip to the aquarium to see the fish, turtles, and sharks!
  • He is a wiggly little guy. It's hard to get him to sit still sometimes!
  • At church Everett loves to talk and squawk at everyone around us. He especially loves to do this during sacrament meeting haha!
  • Everett loves to give kisses, and he has started to do it on command!
  • And mommy's favorite: He's stopped saying "da,da,da" and started saying "ma,ma,ma" :)

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