Saturday, July 12, 2014

Everett 8 Months!

Everett is getting so big! We can't believe he's already 8 months old! Here's what Everett has been up to the last month:

  • Everett has started to clap! He loves to clap for mom and dad when we are playing or clapping along with him!
  • Everett has 4 teeth! His two middle-bottom ones are very visible, and his two front teeth are poking through. Now his nibbles hurt us a little more haha!
  • He enjoys baby food a lot! He really likes sweet potatoes, corn, apples, pears, and nanas (aka bananas).
  • Everett prefers to stand up rather than sit down. He loves to be tall and be able to look around the room.
  • Everett loves to inch-worm crawl around the house! He especially loves crawling into mom and dad's room and bathroom. There are so many fun things in there! 
  • His favorite toys include his musical ball, Mr. Diney, our iPhones, my glasses, my 10x zoom cosmetic mirror and the TV remote. 
  • He loves screaming contests with mom and dad. He is a very loud screamer!
  • He currently makes very funny growl noises when he is drinking his bottle and playing with his toys.
  • Everett still loves to play peek-a-boo and is an expert at lifting the blanket off our faces when we are hiding. He'll even put the blanket over his own face to play!
  • Everett is currently taking 3 naps a day...and he really loves sleeping in his own room. 
  • He has started using some fine motor skills. He loves to pick things up with his thumb and pointer finger. 
  • Everett enjoys pulling the DVD's out of our entertainment center, and he also loves to play with all our books.
  • Everett loves to watch cartoon and read books with mom and dad. 
  • Everett thinks it's very funny when mom and dad open and close our mouths. He will laugh for a long time! 
  • He really enjoys the outdoors. He loves to go on walks around the neighborhood and go swimming! He's a natural in the pool!
  • Everett is still very observant. He will watch the people around him for hours upon end. 
  • He loves to be sitting quietly in church, and then all of a sudden scream at the top of his lungs. But only when it's extremely quiet.
  • He loves to watch mom cook in the kitchen, and he loves to crawl and hang out by mom's feet while she's working.
We love our little Everett! 

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