Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Everett 10 Months!

We seriously can't believe our little Everett is already 10 months old! This year has flown by for us! He is almost one!!

Here are Everett's developments this month:

  • Everett crawls faster than we can walk! He follows us all around the house. He loves to be where mom and dad are!
  • He loves to climb. His favorite things to climb are our bed frame, the entertainment center and the coffee table. He loves to practice standing up!
  • Everett can prop himself up on something and take steps! Walking isn't far behind!
  • Everett continues to love the water! He loves bath time because he gets to lay on his tummy and swim around. He also loves to splash in the toilet water...but mom doesn't like that.
  • Everett continues to try more and more grown up food. He loves to take bites of mom's peaches, dad's ice cream, and anything else we are eating. His new favorites are puff cereal, rice, and the squeeze-it apple sauce.
  • Unfortunately, Everett is currently in a biting phase. He's already bit two kids, and he bites mom and dad. We are trying our very hardest to stop it, but he just laughs at us when we get mad at him.
  • Everett LOVES to read books! He loves to turn the pages and point to the pictures. He will sit and read with mom and dad for a long time!
  • He also loves to snuggle with mom under a blanket and watch Baby Einstein. He loves watching all the puppets. 
  • Everett loves to drink out of mom's camel back water bottle. For his birthday, we will probably get him one because he's so obsessed!
  • He loves to use his little fingers and pick up his own snacks. He can even put them inside his mouth! He also likes to pick up little specks of trash and put them in his mouth (eeww!)
  • He also likes to lick the chairs at church...
  • Everett continues to smile all the time. Even though he is teething, he is still the happiest baby boy around. We love seeing his happiness!

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