Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Summer Updates!

We have had a very busy summer here in Texas! 

First off, Kyle got a promotion at work! He now is a supervisor in his area and he loves it! He now works a full-time schedule.
Because Kyle works full-time, Everett goes and hangs out with a really nice family in our ward when I'm sleeping after work. They are the nicest people in the whole world, plus they have a little boy that is 16 months old and a dog for Everett to play with! He has such a fun time over at their house!

Everett has had a lot of fun playing in the water this summer. He's such a water baby! He loves going over to Grammy and Pappy's house to swim in their pool. He even has his own floatie! We will be sad to see the summer go (well, he will anyway).

We've all been working very hard at our jobs. We haven't been able to travel at all this summer, but we have enjoyed some company from family that has come into town. We are planning on driving to Kentucky in just a couple weeks for Kathryn's baptism, so it will be nice to get out of town for awhile.

This summer we've also been able to make a lot of fun friends in the area. We have amazing people in our ward that we have so much fun with! Everett has been able to interact with a lot of the little kids his age, which has been so fun for him! We are excited to make more friends in the area and be able to watch Everett grow up with these kids!

That's about everything that has been going on for us lately. It's been a busy summer, but a fun summer! We are excited for Dallas to finally get cooler though (the summer's here are brutal!)

And of course, here are some pictures as of late:

The Night Shift Crew aka the A team

Cow Appreciation Day!

An attempt at a family selfie

one of Everett's funny faces

Everett sitting up for the first time!

Everett and his friend Paxton at the library

Everett loves to get into my makeup drawers

Everett and Daddy snuggles

Everett is a pro at crawling!

date night!

Everett and cousin Myka

Cousin time!

Everett has so much hair!!

BYU vs TEXAS...Everett chose to route for BYU

We frequent the pet store...Everett loves looking at the animals (even though this bird bit him haha)

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  1. He is a cutie! He looks more like you the older he gets! Texas summers are a killer! We will eventually plan a trip up to Dallas .. Maybe this spring. Then you can give me a makeover with all your makeup skills!