Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Everett's 1st Birthday

We can't believe our little boy is 1 years old!
This past year was so fun for us getting to know our little boy. 

Everett's first birthday was a really fun day.
We started out the day at Rhyme Time at our local library. Everett loves doing all of the rhymes with mommy, and he especially loves the bubbles!

After Everett's nap, we headed on a fun walk to the park. Everett loves playing on the slides and (trying) to eat the leaves on the ground!

We spent the day playing with his new toys, and in the evening, we had friends and family over for cake and ice cream! 
Everett loved getting his hands into the frosting...but he wanted nothing to do with the actual cake!
He got nice and messy, which made for great pictures!

It was fun having Everett's friends; Levi and Paxton over as well. They are all around the same age and they have a lot of fun together!

We love our little boy, and we are so lucky to have him in our lives!

We can't believe Everett used to be this tiny!

Everett's new toys!

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  1. haha ok those cupcakes are darling!
    Amazing how long pregnancy lasted and how fast the last year has flown by! Everett is a cutie!