Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Richardson Updates Summer 2015

 So I realize that I haven't updated this blog since Christmas (sorry). We have had a very eventful year so far, so I'm going to attempt to catch everyone up! 

January: We surprised my mom for her birthday by driving all the way to Lexington and staying a week. We had a lot of fun hanging with my parents and siblings! Kyle and I were able to attend a UK game at home (which we loved!). We also experienced a couple of snow days in Dallas. We were able to build a snowman, we had so much! Everett wasn't sure about the snow, but I sure loved it! 

Blogger shot with my little man!

February: We celebrated Kyle's 27th birthday, had a couple more snow days, and watched Everett learn to walk really well! 

I surprised Kyle with a fun date night for his birthday! We went to see Blue Man Group on tour in Downtown Dallas!

Everett's favorite toy is his screwdriver. He used to carry it everywhere! Typical boy!

Spring: We moved into Kyle's parents house to save up money to buy our own house (plus we hated who we were renting from). We moved all our kitchen stuff and extra furniture into storage and our beds and dressers into the parent's house. It's been a really fun living situation while we get ready for our biggest grownup purchase yet! During the spring, we also were able to get together with family for Mother's Day, and my Mom came into town a couple of times to visit! We've also had a lot of fun date nights, family nights out, trips to the aquarium, and playing outside with the bunnies! 

Everett and his friend Paxton in nursery. 

Everett and his bag

work selfie!

I had my one year blogiversary for my other blog, Dressing Dallas! 

Everett and his friend Levi 

Everett loved rain storms!

Everett and Sage

Mother's Day

Everett and Grammy at a baseball game

Everett and Sage at the aquarium

Guitar Hero ;)

Chuck E Cheese for family night

Texas BlueBonnets

Summer: We spend a lot of time playing outside in the water! Everett loves to swim and play in the sprinklers. He is such a water baby! We also love to go to the library, Target, and to the aquarium. We try to stay out of the Texas heat as much as we can! I was also invited to be featured blogger for The Makeup Show Dallas. I attended with my friend and hairstylist Elise, and we had a really fun time (all while picking up some great products!). 

I was also able to work with one of my favorite brands, Freshly Picked! Everett was a featured toddler! Look how cute he is in his Moccs!

Everett and Levi playing together at the park!

Happy 4th of July (also Everett is obsessed with the iPad)

We love to FaceTime with the Moody Clan

We've had a really fun year, and Everett is growing like a weed! We love watching him learn and grow. Everett loved being around other kids. He loves nursery and is very well behaved in there. He loves to lead the music, and even cuter, dance to the music! Everett has also started to talk! His current words are "hot", "Mom", "Dad", "ow", "uh-oh", and "no". It's really fun to hear him actually speak words to us  (even if he is screaming no haha!). Everett will be 2 years old in just 2 short months! Where has time gone!?

Another fun event about to happen for our family is we are traveling to Kentucky this September for my little brother Michael's homecoming! Michael has been serving his mission in Brazil the past two years, and we will see him return home to the states very soon! We are SUPER excited! 

I hope you enjoyed this fun Richardson update! I promise I'll do better the rest of the year Ha!

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