Monday, November 30, 2015

Everett's 2nd birthday

Everett turned 2 years old on October 29th, 2015 and it was such a fun day! We spent the morning playing at our local park here in Plano and baking cupcakes, and in the evening we were able to sing to Everett and spend time together as a family. Everett was overjoyed at his cupcakes (which he calls "copcop") and he loved baking them even more! 

Everett sure has grown right before our eyes, and part of me feels like he's growing up way too fast! It feels like it was just yesterday that he was born. He is such a wonderful, sweet little boy who loves his Mom, Dad and family.

Everett loves to run around in the backyard, have races with Dad, play at the park, climb everything, watch fun youtube videos, and talk! His vocabulary includes words and phrases such as "Mama/Dada, poopoo, shoes, hat, red, bath, and pickle." He also really loves mimicking the sounds that animals make! He LOVES music, especially when he gets to lead. And he loves to sing with us before bed time. 

We sure love our little Everett and we love that he is apart of our fun family. Here are some pictures of his 2nd birthday! 

Great Grandma Moody sent him a cute card and a $2 bill! 

He loves the slide!

The cheesy grin I get when I ask him to smile

The alphabet train toy he got for his birthday (and a cupcake of course)

My absolute favorite picture of his birthday. Look how absolutely happy he looks! 

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