Friday, April 22, 2016

Everett Age 2

Everett has been such a joy to have in our family, and we love watching him grow up! He is currently 2 years old and he is an active little guy! He loves to sing, dance, watch Blue's Clues, cook eggs in the kitchen, read books and chase bunnies in the backyard. He learns more words everyday and he is constantly surprising us at what he can get into (he is super tall and can climb!).

Everett is also our little helper. He loves to clean and cook with Mom and Dad, and always jumps at the chance to sweep, run the vacuum, and wipe things up/throw them away. He's going to be a great help to us when the new baby comes, we just know it!

Everett also really loves church and nursery. He talks about going to nursery all week long and when he gets to nursery, he just walks in and starts playing. He loves his teachers, and his favorite part is singing time!

He loves to give thumbs up haha!

helping mom with her blog photos

chasing a bunny

Everett and Sage at Texas Road House

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